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An image is worth a thousand words

An image is worth a thousand words

Social media has fostered the creation of digital content in ways never seen before. This digital creation of content has also resulted in trends like:

  • Animation:
Animation is being used to explain processes or services, as well as to deal with complex issues. Also, having illustrations in audiovisuals makes the user pay more attention and be more engaged.

  • Short videos
The way users consume content has changed with social media like TikTok since the videos shown are fast and short. They are effective because the user of today has a concentration timespan of 6 seconds maximum.

  • Diversity
It is expected that diversity will be an important issue this year in terms of audiovisual production since it was so in 2020. Some productions show a wider diversity of characters not so constrained by stereotypes; this can be seen in TV series as well as in movies.

  • Tutorials
Currently, video tutorials are the most sought-after way to learn how to make anything. From a marketing point of view this is excellent since customers can be attracted by showing the product or service. Nevertheless, this should be done using quality storytelling to offer the customer a good experience besides the desired functionality.

  • Shopping through videos
These are videos of products or services where users can shop right there, just by clicking or tapping. This accelerates the online selling and buying process.

Antonio Venegas
Audiovisual Production Intern