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Agency Tica shines at the world's bigger independent advertising festival.

Agency Tica shines at the world's bigger independent advertising festival.

The Costa Rican agency Brandy Creativity & Technology had a historic participation in the world festival of independent advertising WINA (for its acronym) by winning 6 awards with 3 different projects. It is the first time that a Central American agency has achieved so many awards in the same edition.

The cases: “UH Woman Models” from the Universidad Hispanoamericana, “The Other List of Tools” from Lincoln Plaza and “La Valla Más Vista” by Brandy were part of the most awarded campaigns during the festival based this year in Dubai. The awarded categories were Best Planet, Foreign, Direct, and Media.

According to Alan Calderón, Creative General Director of Brandy, “I am very happy that with only 6 months of leading the creative department we achieved these results, it is undoubtedly a reflection of the passion with which we work and the effort of every day . 6 recognitions in a world festival only motivate us to continue working with the same enthusiasm. "

For Brandy, awards are a result, not a goal. “The process of participating in festivals is always beautiful; even more if 6 prizes are won in one edition. However, it is far from our goal. The obligation of any communication agency is to help its clients achieve their business objectives through creativity and strategy. Now, if this also allows us to recognize the work of our team as a result, much better. " according to Juan Ignacio Jimenez, CEO of Brandy.

Wina was created in 2016 to recognize the work of independent multinational agencies and networks from five continents, with a jury of one hundred world-class judges. With a truly fair and democratic format.

If you want know the winners projects, you can see then:

1- Modelos UH - Gold

2- La Valla más vista - Silver 

3- La Otra lista de útiles - Bronze

The videos of the campaigns are available at: For more information you can go to, or send an email to

Press contact:

Juan Ignacio Jimenez Rey