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Big Data & Storytelling

Two terms that seem to be unrelated at first

Big Data & Storytelling

Big Data and Storytelling, two terms that seem to be unrelated at first, however; when we enter the Big Data world, we realize that Storytelling or in this case, Data Storytelling and Big Data are more related than we think.

First of all, we need to talk about Big Data. On one hand, we have the concept of Big Data which refers to data that is so large, fast or complex that it is difficult or impossible to process it with traditional methods.

On the other hand, what makes Big Data so useful for many business is the fact that it provides answers to questions that business didn't even know they had; since Big Data does not revolve around the amount of data but rather what is done with it, and it is precisely at this point where Data storytelling comes in.

The concept of storytelling is nothing more than a technique of communicating a story from the data perspective to influence a business decision or action. Here are the benefits of combining big data with high-powered storytelling:

  • Quick understanding of information
  • Quick identification on emerging trends.
  • Identification of relationships and patterns within the digital ecosystem.
  • Development of a new language to tell the story to others.

So the question must be asked, how to integrate storytelling and big data in my business? Currently there is no official "guideline" to make data storytelling since storytelling depends on the person who does it and how he does it, however there are some "rules" to start. The first thing is to be clear and concise, always highlighting the insights, it is very important to combine the words with pictures and finally the story must be 'portable', this means that the story must be easy to share.

In conclusion, big data and data storytelling are here to stay in the data world and set a trend among those outstanding businesses and their competitors. If you want to be part of that outstanding business, I invite you to contact us and win a free coffee in our offices. Whether you're a brand or a business that needs technical expertise and strategic know-how, Brandy is the right choice for you.

David Solís

Media Intelligence