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What happened to Snapchat and what is Instagram doing to avoid the same path?

What happened to Snapchat and what is Instagram doing to avoid the same path?

The digital world forces all brands and platforms to be in continuous review about the formats and experience they offer the user and this can be the biggest difference between success and failure.

The clearest example of this was Snapchat, which, given the technological advancement of Instagram at the time, didn’t have enough capacity to react. This led the application to an economic downturn and a strong migration of users to Instagram.
The inclusion of stories in its offer of formats, allowed Instagram to position itself above Snapchat, not only with users but also with advertisers who saw a great potential in terms of formats and great user interaction on the platform.

However, the digital world is always in constant change and the user is increasingly demanding in terms of the offer, so recently it’s easy to notice the growth that Tik tok has had, where the interaction with the user is broader than in Instagram Stories and where we can see more massive content.

Many brands are in the process of placing their products on this social network, but does instagram have something to do with the advancement of TikTok or is it destined to end like Snapchat?

The digital world is looking for more videos and less text or photos, that's what the main platforms (YouTube and TikTok) are going to do, but Instagram is totally determined to avoid the mistake that Snapchat had at the time of not renewing itself and, in the words of Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, "We are no longer a photo sharing app."

Now they seek to change the user experience with formats that they have been implementing such as: stories, reels or IGTV, in addition to these changes they have already announced a focus on creators, purchases, messaging and mainly video. These changes position Instagram to compete again against Tik tok. Although in 2021 Instagram doesn't manage to surpass it yet in popularity, it's making the necessary efforts to slow down the growth of TikTok while doing improvements to remain at the top of the digital platforms.

Sebastián Bonilla
Lead Digital