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Native Ads & Retargeting

Viralize your Contents

Native Ads & Retargeting

Content marketing is very relevant to clients, the same as ad agencies and consultant firms.

These strategies are based on Inbound marketing methodologies, working mostly on positioning organically their capabilities as tools. The 50% of the effort falls in trying to push semi-organically the viralization of those contents. So in this case is where the main element is a format or media, created with the intention of offering better results. These are what we call Native ads.

Every time Native Ads are included in content based strategies, it is important to explain this format and where it shows up.


The reason is because this type of advertising that works perfectly with content tends to go unnoticed for two reasons:

First one is that the format itself can work as a news piece inside of editorial content; We as users focus our attention on the information we’re interested in, while trying to avoid any other elements from distracting us from this content that we care about. The second reason is, the moment where the user gets the information, if the user is in front of an editorial content is because this user is in his or her own reading time and consuming information, a moment of reflection in which permeability from news that this user finds relevant is the main focus.

There’s different kinds of Native Ads formats, which are chosen in function of each objective of the campaign, for example the moment and what kind of users are targeted to reach and impact.

In the international digital landscape, the Native Ads family is wide, you can find them inside of pictures, mid reading an article or showing up in the footer as related content, with many more examples.

So each different format works hand to hand with an objective, first of all is focused to create quick associations between the advertiser and the content itself, other examples can be formats that work on making the interest of the user grow in the content of the advertising, thanks to the associations of the context where it will show up.

These contents can be blogs, or even content that has been published in the media with the intention of making it go viral.

Native Ads have a high CTR(Click-through rate), conceding as a fundamental asset in any strategy that has as objective to position the advertiser as leader in his area. The natural news like quality of this format bases the association of the brand in the mind of the target audience.

In the scenario where the most advantage is taken of this format, it must be placed in the middle of a conversion funnel, working in Branding as well in Performance, fulfilling a triple mission for the strategy that is currently working on:

  1. The brand perception of the user is going to improve.
  2. The interest towards content will grow.
  3. It will work around strategic positioning towards the brand that will work as a crucial element for long-lasting campaigns

The correct planting of Native Ads camping must fill a PULL strategy on the user.

Last, but not least, here we have some important details of the capabilities of segmentation of this formats:

   By Keywords: It will depend where in the world the Native Ad will show up

   By Geo localization: With the capability of being as local as you need it to be, as much as 10 meters ratio.

   By Device / Computers / Tablets / Smartphones (and even by models and manufactures)

  By User - Impacting users that have previously visited the website, and optimizing the camping from that point.

If you would like to know more about Native Ads based strategies, fill the application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Juan Lukanor

Media Intelligence Director