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Are you using stock images or doing stock creativity?

Are you using stock images or doing stock creativity?

Backwards and forwards

"Here 's to the crazy ones", just listen to that phrase and any advertising or marketing enthusiast will get excited remembering that groundbreaking Apple commercial. It is curious to think that perhaps the best manifesto in history did not need more than stock footage and a voice recording that could currently be achieved with a cell phone.

With the difficulties to carry out large productions, 2020 forced the industry to revisit its bases. It reminded us how ironically and systematically creative writers have forgotten the first part of the name this profession carries. In this tireless search to let the image speak for us, we have stopped speaking.

Let's get back to writing, creatives.

In this process of revisitation, we realize that the content that we remember in our memory is not the one that had the best camera, the best shot or the best graphic work. All of this adds value, and we cannot deny it, but the most valuable advertising has always been one that has something unique to tell us. Capturing the public's attention is simple, captivating with a different message is our responsibility from the editorial office.

Advertising creativity is separated from art in the understanding that our task was never to create a fascinating product, but to deliver a message that was defined from conceptualization. Taking from here and there, inspiring us and transforming what already exists in order to tell the story we want. The key is, again, in the writing. That is the key for our content to stand out in a sea of ​​messages that perhaps thought the same, but ended up saying the same as the rest.

Let’s do it!

Before thinking about how the photograph will look, what shot we will use for the closure or where we will buy that stock shot, let's sit down for a while in front of the blank page. Let's observe and listen to what is happening around us, let's find the inspiration or reference we need and think of a relevant message that only our brand can say. When all that is defined, let's write, write and write. Let us never forget that the best content is always the one with the best story.

Rafa Vargas