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How do we facilitate the interpretation of data?

How do we facilitate the interpretation of data?

Today, a big part of the information at the global level is data. In digital marketing, data is an important ally for companies since it can be analyzed to make business decisions.

The different marketing platforms available allow users to download data from different campaigns created and, in this way, combine data to be analyzed and compared; nevertheless, this process could be a little tedious depending on the amount of data or the number of accounts.

To make this process easier, there are data extraction tools that connect directly with the platforms; this allows users to access data and transfer it to an environment where it can be displayed for better analysis and interpretation.

In the market there are several tools for this process; one of them is Supermetrics, which can be connected to several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Supermetrics allows the extraction of information from advertising accounts and from pages we have access to for the creation of data sources.

This allows us to centralize all the information in one place so that we don’t have to check each account separately to look for information. This represents savings in time and effort, but data sources themselves don’t allow easy visualization of information; luckily, there is another tool that can help in the process.

We are referring to Google Data Studio, a platform that allows connecting data sources to transform them into reports and panels; these can then be customized using different themes, styles, images, and text; it also has several options to display information as graphics, geographical maps, or tables.

Once these reports and panels are created, it’s possible to see the information in a clear and organized way, which makes the data interpretation process easier and thus their analysis and the decision making involved also become easier for both the people in charge of the accounts and the clients or users who will later be presented with this information. 

Without a doubt, this is a great help to companies. Some of the benefits of this platform are:

  • Automatization of the data collection process.
  • Unification of the information in different platforms.
  • Creation of customizable reports and panels of information in real-time.
  • Facilitation of analysis and interpretation. 

In conclusion, tools for the extraction of data linked to platforms for the display of information are great allies for digital marketing companies in the process of interpretation of data; their functionalities and possibilities to create, customize, personalize, and edit the way such information is displayed are extremely useful. 

Antony Murillo 

BI Analist