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What to expect from post-pandemic communication?

What to expect from post-pandemic communication?

If there is something we are sure about is that the pandemic changed the communication game we were used to. We had to adapt to a new situation, which resulted in brands changing their way of communicating since not even the most comprehensive crisis manual would have included a situation of this magnitude.

Brands acted quickly adapting their discourse, messages, and ways of sending them out to ride the new way that took us by surprise, but what is going to happen now that we are little by little going back to normal? Have consumption tendencies changed? What is going to happen to brands post-pandemic?

The first thing we need to consider is that the consumer we knew two years ago has changed. Their expectations and ways of consuming are not the same; that is why brands should not go back to “normality”, like if nothing had happened. On the contrary, they must strategically and creatively learn and adapt to the new “normal” to connect with their consumer more deeply.

Trends show that consumers want to see more humane brands, ones that are concerned with social and environmental issues beyond direct sale advertising campaigns; they want to see social purpose. That is why communication must follow the consumer’s values and new purposes.

Also, another post-Covid consumer trend is digital purchases; that gives social media a main role in history since they transmit information fluidly and rapidly.

In summary, we should not expect to go back to traditional communication because we have moved from closed organizations to ones that are flexible, digital, and open to creativity; ones that communicate in a transparent and honest way, in a time when those efforts are appreciated.

So, what can we expect of communication in the post-pandemic era? If we are lucky, a more humane phase from our favorite brands, one that is closer to us.

Natalia García

Creative Copywriter